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We Believe that
Technology Lasts Long

Cranemine offers mining contracts from data-centers in Siberia. Cranemine is an official reseller of industry-leading companies, air and cooling technology. You will get maximum performance at low cost.

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Cranemine is a small enterprise with a global goal: now that almost everyone on the planet has a smartphone, we want each of you be able to have access to Cryptocurrencies and to the numerous advantages they can bring. We are registered as Crane Bank which is our main company and registered in with company number #04425174. See here

We believe in a future where you can pay with Cryptocurrencies for goods, online purchases, and even doctors’ consultations, and each person who owns Cryptocurrencies brings this moment even closer. That’s why we have focused on providing a convenient, simple cloud-mining service that is affordable for everyone.

There are crypto-enthusiasts, engineers, and representatives of various scientific fields in our team. They can provide users with a service that is aimed not only at the existing crypto-community, but also at completely new users. When we created Cranemine, this was our goal.

You can start to invest in the leading technology of this decade legally and safely today, and get a return on a daily basis. Join people from all around the world who have already acknowledged Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, and have already made a significant profit from their investments.